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CryptoGames Casino Review 2021

Online gambling is a worldwide phenomenon on its own. Crypto casinos, specifically, are accredited to Bitcoin, where most early casinos were established to cater only to the veterans. Here is one casino that was rather defiant to the trend in its establishment. Officially coming online in 2014, CryptoGames online casino was a Dogecoin-only casino.

The operator, MuchGaming B.V, is a Curacao-based firm that is registered under the same authority. with years of experience, the casino staff does not fail to provide excellent service. The platform is renowned through gambling communities worldwide, mostly for its top-of-the-line banking services, but generally because of its ability to always impress. This CryptoGames Casino review looks at the details of the platform’s operation, to clarify just what it has to offer to gamblers of the world.

CryptoGames Overview

Sometime during its early years of operation, the casino underwent strategic evaluation in which the operator decided to integrate and permit other cryptocurrencies. Now, the casino gamblers can choose from a list of 10 cryptos, along with a couple of other altcoins. Overall, this was a good decision given the fame that blockchain networks.

The ability of players to use other altcoins is made possible by the casino’s integration with CoinSwitch. This is third-party software that allows the players to make a transaction with dozens of altcoins, ones that are not permitted by the casino. This makes gambling in this casino very convenient.


By playing at CryptoGames, gamblers get to enjoy lots of benefits. From the word go, they are not required to waste their time with unnecessary signup requests. With only a couple of steps, they can begin playing their favorite games.

Again, the players benefit from the casino’s simple aesthetic. The online platform is very easy to go through. Both the interface and the games are very light, allowing for instantaneous loading and page switching. A bunch of other customization features is made available for players.

The casino also gives away numerous bonus prizes, making the gaming process very lucrative, possibly. The bonuses are well crafted to be generous to the players while being of as little charge to the casino as possible. The numerous game option themselves make this platform a one-stop destination for all casino lovers, all made with the best graphic, security, and fairness software available. A free play module is also featured, allowing players to take the games for a spin without having to place any deposits.

Game Providers

The platform features in-house games only. Such casinos are coming in more frequently, bringing in a unique custom feel to the industry. In-house games are games made by the casino staff. This means the casino lobby does not depend on external game providers. Self-supplied casino games come with many advantages that standard games lack. The casino has got the freedom to add any, and all, game features for players to enjoy. More particular detail on game features is given further in the review.


The casino’s owner, MuchGaming  B.V, is admittedly not the best casino operator out there, and neither is the Curacao license they hold. The license gives guidelines that the casino must follow in its operation.

Such are the requirements for the security of all data within the platform, which the operator abides by using advanced SSL encryption on the site. The encryption programs work by obscuring information entered by players, however little it may be.

They also encrypt transaction requests and details as they are entered and sent. By rendering all platform information useless to external parties, the programs effectively make the player and the operator the only ones with the authority to access and edit information.

Also in line with the license policy, the operator does not allow individuals below the age of 18 into the casino. A prompt to confirm age is featured in the signup form and must be filled by all who wish to enter the site. This is done as part of the pursuit to encourage complete responsibility in players who gamble. By eliminating minor activities, the casino comes one step closer to its goal. Other guidelines are also featured regarding responsibility while gambling and they can be found on the platform.

The license policy also determines the countries or regions in which the casino may operate. This is actively enforced, where players from the restricted countries do not even get the chance to enter the casino. This may be frustrating to players, but it is in abidance with legal mandates set by jurisdictional authorities. This means that if those restricted players somehow find a way into the casino and are caught or identified, they are subject to prosecution in their respective areas of residence.


Most casinos come in numerous languages. Unfortunately, CryptoGames is not one of them. This online platform is only available in the international standard UK English. Being an international casino catering to almost the whole world, adding other famously spoken languages is a good feature. This makes gaming more convenient for more players, where they get a sense of familiarity as they play their favorite games, more so if they are playing game variations from their homelands.

Bonus Features

With a staff base of casino enthusiasts, well trained in their respective professions, CryptoGames is one website made not only to be profitable but also to be enjoyable by players. This, the casino staff achieves by creating and adding a number of bonus features to the platform. Such is the presence of the casino on all major social media platforms, as well as a number of forum platforms.

The games are of a very low house edge, which increases the rate at which wins are awarded. The reward pool features dozens of jackpots, meaning players generally receive jackpot rewards more often. Numerous other special bonus features are also found in the casino, including ones tied to the social media platforms.

The games are all provably fair, where players can view live statistics or their game processes, be it outcome rendering or pay-out calculation. This is a key feature that attracts floods of new players each day.

Provable Fairness

As stated above, the games are proven to be fair in all aspects. Now, nearly all casinos brand their games to be fair, while some brand their games to be provably fair. The contrasting difference between such casinos is the single word, ‘provable’. When a casino can prove the game’s fairness, it means they allow players to view any, and all, games processes at will. Other platforms even go on to give players access to the casino account, where they can view all transactional processes.

As for proving games, CryptoGames makes their games with an option to toggle game pages as the game operates, or just after it finishes. While this happens, players see how their deposits are taken and placed into the casino account, they see how the game processes the results and how it calculates and executes pay-outs of winnings if any.

Not all casinos are provably fair, not even close. The few that are either exclusive game providers such as CryptoWild, or normally loaded casinos that also include in-house games. We do not know of any out-sourced casino games that are provably fair.

Restricted Countries

As stated in the license section, the license policy restricts certain countries from playing. This means that the residents of those respective nations cannot even enter the platform, and must select other online casinos. The following countries are actively restricted from the CryptoWild Casino:

  • Hong Kong
  • Australia
  • France
  • Belgium
  • Israel
  • Denmark
  • Estonia
  • Hungary
  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Romania
  • Curacao
  • Spain
  • The United States of America
  • The Netherlands
  • The United Kingdom

Note that all restrictions also extend to all the so-called territories of any of the countries stated above.

Interface and Design

Players who enjoy heavy graphics and background animations will not enjoy this casino. However, this does not mean the casino is not worth it, quite the contrary. CryptoGames casino does not have any back pocket processes that are hidden to players.

The interface is an impressive mix of simplistic, high-quality features. It is very easy to navigate, where game locations are not difficult to reach, and the layouts are very easy to understand. Customization toggles allow the players to edit some aspects of the platform, such as the color orientation that can be switched from the default Light Mode to a more subtle Dark Mode.

At the bottom of the casino page, players find links to social media platforms, casino information, the FAQ page as well as casino rules and terms. Constant gamblers can even view their casino history just beside the game page, and they can edit themes, where possible, under the Your Account section. Overall, the interface is well crafted to facilitate efficient gambling activities, with very few, to no glitches at all.


A Faucet is a special feature that users can utilize to earn free tokens. The objective of these free tokens is to use them, in place of personal funds, to try out new gaming strategies and plays. The faucet is an independent feature that players can level up with their relative gambling. As the faucet level increases, so do the subsequent token rewards, where users with the highest level faucet can receive considerably large token packs.

The feature does not necessarily require players to become overnight high rollers, but it can be used just by participating on a regular basis. In time, it proves to be rewarding, mostly in terms of player experience with game skill and strategy. In CryptoGames casino, players can use the faucet and receive up to 6 150 Satoshi tokens, or whatever relevant coin equivalent.

CryptoGames on Mobile

Unfortunately, CryptoGames does not have any known mobile application. However, players do not miss it, due to the well-crafted online platform. The casino uses HTML 5 software, meaning players can access the casino from their mobile or tablet devices, using any internet browser. The platform I  compatible with all major operating systems, that is, Apple OS, Android OS, and Windows OS. This is very convenient for players as they do not need to be sitting in front of a desktop computer each time they want to gamble.

CryptoGames Categories

As stated before, the CryptoGames lobby hosts 8 unique games. New gamblers will find a well-explained game tutorial attached to each. The games are all made by the casino and, while not the best, they feature some good graphics, that all load with quick succession. The 8 in-house games are given below:


Being the most played game in the casino, the dice deserve to be first on the list. People generally like the dice because they are easy to understand, and they offer considerably large reward packages. The objective in dice is to make predictions on the dice outcomes if the result will be higher or lower than the specified number.

Dice rolling may be strenuous or simply boring at times, in such cases players can toggle the Auto Bet functions which automatically executes dice rolls bases on parameters entered by the player. By setting a lower win chance, players are more likely to win big, but put themselves at risk at the same time. The casino max on dice pay-outs is 6 BTC.


This classic casino game is played on five reels that spin back and forth before stopping. By landing the correct symbol combinations, a player wins the reward. The max reward that can be won in a single slot round is 5 BTC.


Set on a virtual table, this is another casino classic enjoyed by players worldwide. The Blackjack gameplay uses standard rules and terms, where individuals are given the options to Surrender, Double Down, or Split. Four card decks are used, where they are shuffled after each hand. Hitting the blackjack activates a 6:5 pay-out.

Video Poker

This game is offered in three variants, namely Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus Poker. Players can select their preferred variant from the menu on the poker page. Like in roulette, poker payments are given depending on the pay-out table. By pulling a Royal Flush, the player receives a payout multiplier of 500 credits, making it possible for them to win up to 6 BTC from a single bet.


Players can purchase lottery tickets from the Buy Tickets section. The section also displays the chances of winning, along with the number of tickets the player has in their possession. On the main page, the platform displays the reward for the possible ranking positions, the total number of purchased tickets, and the time remaining before a round ends.

The more tickets that are purchased, the more there is to win. This is because the entire purchase revenue is directed to the tournament. In CryptoGames casino, the lottery takes place on Wednesday and Saturday.


This virtual table features a spinning wheel. The table is modeled after the traditional European Roulette and is complete with all the numbers, colors, and regular options. The player places bets by stacking the relevant chips on the betting tab, after which the player presses the spin button and the ball is thrown. Payments are made depending on the pay-out table.


This classic is known to be fun, and sometimes frustrating. The idea of the game is to click on the boxes that do not have mines in them. The more clean boxes the player clicks, the higher the reward they will receive. To make the odds even more profitable, the player can increase the difficulty and number of boxes, and mines, in the game. The 25-box field can hold up to 24 mines, leaving only one jackpot box to uncover.


This is a rare game, offered by the casino in a simplified form, where players can set a bet amount and pick the ball color that they wish to drop. By pressing the play button, the player activates the ball drop, in which the ball falls and rolls through a pegged pyramid as it makes its way to the bottom. The bottom box in which it lands determines the type of pay-out that the player will receive.

It should be noted that the Dice and Roulette games hold massive jackpots that users can claim after meeting the stated game requirements. The portion of the jackpot that a player wins depends solely on their wagered amount. At the moment, the dice and roulette jackpot is a staggering 3 809 BTC.

The relatively low house edge in CryptoGames casino makes it a very competitive adversary. In dice, the casino holds the mantle for the lowest house edge at only 0.8%.  The lottery House edge is 0% since all revenue goes back to the players’ reward pool. The slot house edge is 1.97%, while blackjack is 1.253%, roulette is 2.7%, minesweeper is 1%, Plinko is 1.7% and the video poker house edge is 2.1%.

How to Get Started with CryptoGames

Players need a wallet with any of the supported currencies. With the wallet, they can proceed to the simple sign up form for registration


The player only needs to enter their e-mail ad password, after which the casino confirms the address and assigns a random username. This should only take minutes to complete.

Supported Coins

CryptoGames permits the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  • Litecoin (LTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Ethereum Classic (ETC)
  • Dash (DASH)
  • Gas (GAS)
  • Monero (XMR)
  • Dogecoin (DOGE)

Deposits and Withdrawals

With coinswitch, these can be made with over 300 other altcoins, where they are converted when making the deposit and converted back when withdrawing. All the supported coins can also be used. The transactions are mostly free, with the possible charges being negligible.

Withdrawal Limit and Timeframe

The limits on pay-outs are 0.002 BTC, 0.5 BTC per week, and 2 BTC per month, where payments are processed and executed in minutes.

Referral Program

The referral program is available to all users and can be joined using a form within the platform, completely free.

VIP Membership

VIP membership is acquired by constantly participating in the casino, gaining player points.

Customer Support

For any inquiries, the support staff can be contacted via an email that is replied to within 24 hours.


As stated before the operator encrypts player data. This is in addition to the advanced security featured in blockchain networks.


  • No live chat
  • No live casino
  • No mobile app
  • Too many restricted countries


Crpytogames casino is one of the most prominent crypto casinos out there. Their lobby may be somewhat limited, but they guarantee key features such as high quality, fluid performance, and fairness, among others. Overall, the casino is a good gambling destination that most players are content with.